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Team page of our Super Smash Bros. team. You will find detailed information about the team and the players below.


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    • Smash Au Rift #3, more
    • LGX Arena - Super Smash Bros. Ykaref placed 25th out of 127 participants, more
    • Super Smash Bros. - Soul Cl@sh Ykaref placed 49th out of 95 players, more
    Person, Yanik Leclerc

    Yanik 'Ykaref' Leclerc

    Role: PLAYER
    Age: 24
    Country: Luxembourg Icon Flag of Luxembourg

    My participation in numerous tournaments in Luxembourg introduced me to the Super Smash Bros. community and gave me the opportunity to get to know people who share the same passion. My gaming passion helped me to get through rough times and gave me the possibility to escape reality and made me feel supported. After a long period of being a solo-player I finally found a place where I feel comfortable and constantly increases my motivation to improve my skills.

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    Rifler / AWP / Entry / Lurker / Supporter

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    Open application for Smash players

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    We are also looking for content creators, that would like to stream with our support.

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